Immunother Limited Company is developing and owns intellectual property rights to StignumX™, an immune system strengthening technology.

StignumX™ has been demonstrated to prevent breast cancer and inflammatory bowel disease in mouse studies at a laboratory at the University of Toronto.

The technology involves combining components from multiple immune systems, to form an exceptionally strong immune system that protects against age-related degenerative diseases.  The product itself is delivered through a series of intravenous infusions into the bloodstream.

This product has emerged from the network theory of adaptive immunity. Dr. Niels Jerne, a Danish immunologist, was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1984, largely for the discovery that the immune system is a cybernetic network of cells and antibodies with memory, much in the same way that the brain is a cybernetic neural network with memory. During Jerne's life, and subsequent to his passing away, a colleague of his, Dr. Geoffrey Marcus, now Chief Scientist of Immunother Limited Company, developed Jerne's network theory with extensive experimental testing with collaborators.

Immunother Limited Company is pioneering the development of immunological technologies based on the immune network framework.  Further, because the network framework explains the central regulating unit of the immune system, the framework has led to a technology and product, i.e. StignumX™, that prevents against multiple immunological disorders.